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HeartStrings Care Solutions was born out of love and loss. In our hearts is a desire to create positive change in the lives of so many loved ones who are living longer­­—and with our help—–fuller lives. “Quality” care is at the core of everything we do for our beloved clients and their families. Our work is not a job, it’s a calling ——a deep and personal desire to make life safer and more secure for all those we serve. We honor dignity and respect, always.

As Care Managers, we serve as primary advocates for clients and families. Our role is to assess an individual’s personal health and living situation very carefully, then develop a comprehensive plan of care that is shared with the individual(s) and family members. An individual or family can then choose to have us initiate the care plan by allowing us to set up appropriate services, access all available resources, then manage all aspects of care, from phone calls to resolving any issues associated with care. We also offer our families additional phone support 24-hours a day FREE of charge.

Some families or individuals choose to implement and manage their own care based on our recommendations from our detailed assessment and personalized care plan. They can still choose additional services off our menu of services, like having a care manager attend doctors’ appointments for themselves or a loved one.

Our core team consists of care managers who have earned the utmost respect of those we serve by continually offering exceptional and compassionate care.  Their knowledge and expertise enables them to identify, address and help resolve complex medical, psychological and social issues working closely with the client’s family and team of specialists.

HeartStrings offers a FREE consultation for anyone interested in our services. We work closely with Elder Care Attorneys, Veterans Affairs Specialists, Nutritionists and Licensed Social Workers to ensure our clients receive the best possible care and maximize all potential service benefits and community resources.

“As a medical professional myself, I understand and appreciate HeartStrings’ expertise and the importance of the medical services and communication they provide for our loved one. Their knowledge, transportation, presence and communications after each doctors’ visit and emergency have been invaluable to us.”

~ Betty P., New Jersey

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