Care Management FAQs

Q: Why Hire a Care Manager?

A: Every person deserves an experienced and compassionate advocate, especially when it comes to their health and well-being. That’s what Care Managers do. Care Managers advocate on every level for the individual client and the family who loves them. We want to ensure our clients are safe, secure and healthy wherever they call “home.”

Care Managers serve as a lifeline and, in many cases, quickly become one of the most trusted members of the care team. Care Managers assist regularly with:

  • Setting up services at home to ensure safety, health and security.
  • Finding appropriate housing for those seeking or requiring a transition.
  • Attending doctors’ appointments to advocate for patients and families.
  • Managing all care once it has been set up.
  • Conducting wellness visits with loved ones to determine if their health care plan is being appropriately followed, evaluating any health or behavioral changes and discussing any questions/concerns they may have.
  • Assisting with government services, including Medicaid benefits and programs, or those services available to veterans and their spouses.
  • Being available 24/7 for questions, concerns and emergencies.

At HeartStrings, we are immersed in our community and have established personal and trusting relationships with the people and places that can help address our clients’ current needs. Whatever the need might be, our Care Managers are here to help, to advocate, and to encourage and support.

Q:  What is the primary function of a Care Manager?

A:  At HeartStrings Care Solutions we consider ourselves an extension of the family we are serving. We are patient Advocates, which is our primary function. We are here to resolve any and all issues affecting our client and/or their family. Whether that involves researching home care solutions or providing medical intervention, we are here to help.

Our clients include seniors, those with disabilities, or those recovering from surgery or illness. Care Managers are educated in many areas, particularly nursing, social work, psychology and gerontology. Besides offering a well-trained perspective on the situation and a comforting presence, Care Managers are well versed in all areas of accessible community services, housing options, services at home and other vital areas. They are professionals who understand the processes involved in tapping into benefits and services through local, state and federal agencies.

Our dedicated team is specially trained to handle any number of situations and includes a range of specialists, including: Nursing, Elder Care Attorneys, Veteran’s Affairs Specialists and Social Workers. We are involved as much or as little as our clients prefer. Sometimes if there are no family members nearby, it’s important for us to be checking in regularly and to be there in emergency situations, such as hospitalizations.

Q:  How much does it cost to hire a Care Manager?

A:  Hiring a care manager is an investment in the health, safety and security of yourself or a loved one. And it’s truly a worthwhile investment. Care Managers are skilled professionals with extensive experience in the fields of health care and social services.  At HeartStrings, we pride ourselves on the personal relationships we develop with each and every family we serve. Our clients receive personalized care and 24-hour service.

Care Manager service rates vary from state to state. HeartStrings rates are extremely competitive. To keep costs down, we offer a FREE 20-minute consultation. We then bundle the cost of a comprehensive client assessment and the development of an individualized client care plan.

In addition—unlike other Care Managers—we offer a menu of services at various rates and offer clients 24-hour phone support FREE of charge. During the free consultation, we gather initial information about a client’s current condition and immediate needs. Rates are then discussed depending on whether an assessment and client care plan is needed and what services will be required.

Q:  What Should I look for in a Care Manager?

A:  The initial consultation should provide vital clues as to whether there is a connection between you and the Care Manager.  Finding the right fit and feeling comfortable is key since you will be working very closely together. Make sure too they are available 24/7 in case of emergency. Keep in mind most practices will charge hourly for calls made after hours or on weekends, but it’s comforting to know they are on hand when needed. You should also familiarize yourself with all members of the care team.

Q:  When Should I Hire a Care Manager?

A:  Care Managers are often hired when an individual or loved one can no longer manage his/her own care alone, or maybe needs assistance with medical appointments. Perhaps a parent has developed dementia or Alzheimer’s disease and is no longer safe on their own. What do you do? Many adult children or other family members live out of state, or an elderly couple or disabled individual has no children.

Still, many adult children are simply overwhelmed trying to manage their own families, jobs and children. Where do you turn? Hiring a Care Manager is a great place to start.

Care Managers can alleviate stress and serve as a godsend in any number of situations. Care Managers remain in constant contact with families and provide peace of mind when it’s needed most.

“Once again Mary, thank you for everything you’ve done for us! Your help was invaluable and your information and advice terrific. In the battle versus aging, you are our most powerful ally.”

~ Christopher S., Cambridge

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